Go Digest January '23. Part 1


1. Why Apple could be 2023's most impactful advertising player

Apple implemented its AppTrackingTransparency changes last year with its iOS 14.5 update, providing users with more clarity around how apps tracked their behavior and giving them the opportunity to opt-out of tracking.

2. Mediaocean reveals the expected marketers' concerns for 2023

3. This is the favorite tech stock for 2023, according JPMorgan-surveyed investors

  • 41% said Meta is the company they anticipate will have the most optimal performance in 2023
  • 36% singled out Amazon
  • Netflix was posited to be the worst performer this year amid large internet stocks


1. McDonald’s ‘tech-forward’ Lunar New Year push features AI-powered ad

McDonald’s has teamed with digital content creator Karen X Cheng to launch an interactive campaign around Lunar New Year.

2. Heineken helps Ant-Man shrink alcohol consumption in new ads

In the build up to the release of Marvel’s “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania,” the brewer is hoping to spread the word about its alcohol-free option.

3. Comcast helps seniors access the internet in 'The age of connectivity'

Young teens educate the elderly about the power of digital literacy in Comcast's latest film.

Case Studies

1. Autodesk’s customer events team is 50% more efficient with Asana


  • Confusion about responsibilities and deadlines, leading to inefficient planning
  • Lost time tracking down and re-recording information from individual event managers, rather than accessing it from one central source
  • Lack of continuity when teammates changed roles, resulting in slower execution

  • 75% less emails
  • 5x faster lead outreach
  • 50% more effective

2. Bombas migrated for site stability


  • Broken product image
  • The selling point "Shark Tank" couldn't handle a rush of consumer traffic

As a solution, Bombas turned to Shopify Plus to support its long-term growth.


  • Shopify Plus has saved the company $108,000 in platform costs its first year alone
  • $17.2 million in sales its first full year after replatforming
  • 300% year-over-year growth

3. Skullcandy breaks commerce and audio boundaries with BigCommerce

The challenge was to find a platform to reach and keep up with the audience.


  • 104% increase in site traffic
  • 146% increase in revenue
  • 50% increase in CR

Technologies In Business

1. Meta implements new system for addressing algorithmic ads bias

Meta is rolling out a new machine-learning solution for reducing algorithmic bias in its advertising.

2. Brightcove and Magnite boost ad monetization for CTV and online video publishers

Magnite advertising platform will power advertising for any Brightcove streaming tech firm customer, growing fill and delivery to increase customer revenue. Brightcove will also integrate the SpringServe ad server to provide publishers with greater control, insight, and transparency into available ad supply.

3. HypeAuditor launches custom influencer Media Kit Platform

HypeAuditor, the AI social media analytics platform for brands has launched HypeAuditor Media Kits, a free service that quickly and easily generates custom media kits for influencers to distribute to brands and agencies – at zero cost to the creator.

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